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Inception of the Club

Pak Reds  came into existence in 2010 as “Liverpool Pakistan Fan Club” thanks to the initial dedication of Nausherwan Effandi and Raheel Ahmed.  Initially it was just a group of 10-15  who interacted with each other on a facebook group and got together for match screenings. Nausherwan and Raheel being passionate Liverpool supporters then decided to promote it on a larger scale and began advertising in schools and colleges in order to attract and bring together more Liverpool Supporters under one platform.

The facebook page, www.facebook.com/PakReds  was then created which enabled the founders to interact with more Liverpool Supporters across the country.

Earlier, screenings were held on a small scale but as members grew, screenings were held in the 3 major cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The first screening which was simultaneously held in all 3 cities was on 06 March 2011, and it was a huge success prompting the need for more such screenings.

Due to its success and ongoing growth and for legal purposes, the Club then decided to get itself registered within Pakistan and is now registered in the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce as a Sports Society.

As more members joined, the Club decided to have a official membership with a  fee of a modest 1000 PKR annually (revised to 1500 PKR for 2012). Members now have to get registered since the screenings are now limited to Liverpool supporters only.



  • Pak Reds is the first Club of its kind in Pakistan and is completely self managed.
  • Currently on Facbook, Pakreds has 3000+ fans.
  • Pak Reds has 3 official venues in the cities of Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad for screenings of matches.
  • Pak Reds is not only promoting Liverpool, it also has a local football team and a Liverpool themed football ground.
  • All promotional activities, screenings and other arrangements are completely self-financed by PakReds.
  • The Club has its own line of T-Shirts which were given free to all registered members.


Vision from the President 

“ Pak Reds aims to bring Liverpool culture to Pakistan and we want Pakistani Liverpool fans to embrace that culture and be knowledgeable about Liverpool’s past and its stories. The KOP at Anfield is known as the 12th man. Our vision at Pak Reds is to instill this culture in the Pakistani Supporters of Liverpool Football Club (LFC).  The support for LFC in Pakistan is long established and for decades Pakistani supporters have travelled to watch LFC just like any other die-hard LFC fans around the world.  Our vision in creating Pak Reds is to give these along with tens of thousands of other LFC supporters in Pakistan and others around the world of Pakistani origin, an identity and a platform to unite on. Pak Reds is that platform.  Kopites are famously renowned to be the most passionate, loyal and enlightened football supporters in the world.  Pakistanis are naturally passionate and proud people with fantastic heritage.  We aim to combine these traits so that LFC supporters in Pakistan are the most knowledgeable and passionate football supporters in Pakistan. “

Nausherwan Effandi
Pak Reds