DJ Noreen Khan joins Pak Reds as an honorary member

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An ardent Liverpool fan since her childhood, Noreen Khan is a famous presenter on BBC Asian Network. Her presenting career began in 2003, when she started presenting for a local hospital radio show, before joining the Sonik Gurus to play keyboard. She has toured the entire world on the basis of her love for music and presented for the famous radio station Club Asia as well. Noreen Khan drew the attention of Asian Network in 2007 and joined as the host of the Asian Network Chart Show. After spending two years, she moved to the Weekend Breakfast show and then to Drivetime in June 2010. Noreen also appears on TV, where she hosts The Fizzy Quiz Show on Brit Asia. Off the mic, she likes to spend time as a DJ and play the music of her taste.Noreen2 (1) In an exclusive interview with Pak Reds’ member, Farid Khan, DJ Noreen Khan shared her love for Liverpool, music, Bollywood, her brand new clothing line, her emotions on joining Pak Reds and much more. “I’ve been supporting Liverpool for many years now. As my older siblings have always been supporters of the Reds, so when I was growing up in a family, where everyone had a love for the club, naturally I was bound to fall in love too. Such is my love for the club that I’m the first woman in the world to own and wear an LFC sari and I am proud of that.” On the question about Liverpool’s odd of winning the EPL title, she seemed passionate and found no reason why that wasn’t possible. “Obviously, I would back my beloved club, Liverpool and they can definitely go on to win the title, with the incredible form they are in at the moment. Initially, there were concerns that Liverpool might have missed the trick by not signing players in the January transfer window, but looking at their form now, I guess that was the right decision.”

A dicey question was thrown at Noreen regarding her all-time favourite player of Liverpool and her remarks were” Well, that’s a tough one. I’m torn between Stevie G and Luis Suarez, but I think I’m going to have to go with Luis Suarez. He’s Liverpool’s go-to man and he is just an incredibly gifted and an awesome player.” On the question regarding her favourite Liverpool match, her answer was no different to any other LFC fan. “It has to be the Champions League final in Istanbul in 2005. What a comeback and what a win it was!” Noreen Khan came across as a true Red, when she told about her first attended Liverpool match and that too a friendly. “It was a couple of years ago, a friendly match at Anfield with Valencia. And I remember it very well as we won that one. Norren Khan recently launched her personal website and was questioned on that as well. “I just needed an official one stop shop, which could showcase my work and what I do.”


Noreen Khan is a desi girl and loves movies and music. Her love for Bollywood and films is so immense that it wasn’t possible to let it go without a question on that topic. “I love Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit and think Morgan Freeman is a great actor.” Regarding her fashion inspirations, she had something to say as well. “I don’t actually follow one particular person for inspiration as I like to create my own trends, but I’ve always loved the glamour of Marilyn Monroe. She was ahead of her time and always looked fabulous.” As a presenter, Noreen Khan, has come across tons of personalities over the years and was asked about her favourite interviewees. “There are a couple of them, actually; Madhuri Dixit and Steven Gerrard. Madhuri, because I grew up watching her movies and was always a big fan of hers, so interviewing her was really special for me, while as a passionate Red, meeting Stevie G and just chatting to him was so very amazing!”

Noreen Khan has been on the move of late and in the process, she launched her own clothing line, which was kept as a surprise. “I’ve always had a huge interest in fashion and actually wanted to set up my own clothing boutique, when I was 21, so this passion just stayed with me and I decided that I’d like to create my own pieces, specialising in Asian couture. I’m very excited about the launch of Noreen Khan Couture.” Coming back to football, her advice for all the Liverpool fans based in Paistan was “Keep supporting the best club in the world, Liverpool and watch them thrive.” Finally, she was asked to have a word on Pak Reds and to depict her emotions on joining them as an Honorary Ambassador. “I think it’s brilliant, that we have Pak Reds, showing their passion for the club and I hope it keeps growing. I’m more than happy to accept the offer of becoming a member!”

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